In The City
1. Improving and extending the supply of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of young adults, as the products’ users will get with information in an unexpected/entertaining and informal way particularly attractive for young users, showing how apps and software can deliver information on topics which are part of the users’ daily life, and being involving in developing the tools.

2. Increasing learning demand and take-up through effective outreach, guidance and motivation strategies.

3. Supporting the setting up of and access to upskilling pathways, for products’ users that will get basic introduction on technologies widely used in the software development industry thus becoming better able to understand more in deep technical explanations regarding it. The same applies also to the art and history information, as the tools will provide it at different levels of complexity and push them to pass to a higher level by reward systems very popular in apps and electronic games and thus increase the users’ knowledge.

We hope to have the strong support of the administration and local authorities for the project because of its important learning objectives and the attractive method used to reach them, but also because it will help them to better manage their cities and projects in the age of mass tourism. Also, small businesses outside the main urban centres will greatly help to spread the use of In the City tools, as it will attract more customers to the places where their businesses are located.