In The City
teachINg adults THrough Edutainment tools on the CITY art history
In the City aims to raise the basic knowledge of young (18-35 years old) adults on the use of digital tools and on strategies to extract useful knowledge from Internet/apps available on smartphones and on PC, through the creation, the promotion and the use of a series of edutainment tools focused on the cultural roots of the city in which the target adults live. It will help also establish a common cultural basis among all residents (with strong local roots and newcomers).
The whole learning process will be carried out through a sort of game, providing a fresh and engaging approach thought for delivering information to young adult audiences that are currently not at ease in formal education in classes or in similar forums. The edutainment tools will include tutorials and written material on the technology in use and on the way to use it; the non-highly skilled users will also have the chance to get involved in refining the product by uploading content and images enhancing their digital skills. As a further side-effect, the project will help turning mass tourism more sustainable by diverting the tourist flow to neglected areas to the benefit of residents, tourists small businesses whose main clients a e tourists, and this also city managers.

The edutainment suite of products In the city will use Augmented Reality and Pokemon Go/QrCode type solutions, to show the site reconstructed as it was and artworks showing that place or related to it; the user will be able to interact with the site and the artworks discovering more information about them and playing with them. The set of products, which could become the first of a wider set of art edutainment tools with different concept, will be produced as standalone software, as app to be launched from existing platforms, as well as integrated section of sites in overall services and information offered. It will be tailor-made according to the type of user (residents and tourists) and level of knowledge in art.